Rental Terms & Conditions

1. This agreement is between the above “Renter” and Dr. Ulrich Piepel & Susanne Piepel (Owners) to rent the home Villa Kings Lake located at 2322 Queens Way, Naples, Florida 34112 under the conditions stated below.

2. Rent: Renter agrees to pay Dr. Ulrich Piepel & Susanne Piepel (Owners) the rental amount itemized on the reservation contract 2 months prior to arrival. Delayed payment may result in the loss of your property reservation and deposit.

3. Responsible Party: The person in whose name the reservation is made will be held responsible for all occupants complying with the rental policies, procedures, and restrictions.

4. What to bring: The home is fully furnished for normal housekeeping. You will need to provide your own toiletries, waste bags and laundry detergent.

5. Arrival: Check-in time is after 4:00 pm. This time has been scheduled so that we can have the property properly cleaned and inspected for the arriving guests.

6. Departure: On departure day, Renters must vacate the property by 10:00 am. Please close all windows and sliding glass doors before you leave. Leave beds unmade if used; leave only last day’s sheets and towels only to be laundered. There is an extra charge if there is additional laundry. Dinnerware and silverware should be cleaned and placed where found. Please remove all used food from cabinets and refrigerator. All trash should be bagged and removed from the unit and placed in waste containers. Place keys, beach pass and garage door opener back on the kitchen counter where you found them on arrival. There is a $20 charge for lost key and $100 charge for lost garage door opener.

7. Trash: Large green and green-yellow (for recyclables) waste containers are located outside close to the garage. Trash pick up is listed in the information booklet provided to you via mail. The recyclables bin must be placed at the foot of the driveway on the morning of pick-up or at the evening before the pick-up.

8. Noise: We ask that you keep music and excessive noise down to a minimum after 10:00 pm. Also, no large parties please.

9. Smoking: Guest agrees not to smoke inside the property. Smoking is permitted in the lanai. There is $100 fee to bring the home back to non-smoking standards.

10. Pets: No pets shall be allowed unless approved by Susanne Piepel.

11. Telephone: Local services are provided at no charge. All long distance calls and related charges are the responsibility of the Renter. Credit cards or calling cards may be used. On-Demand movies have to be paid by Renter.

12. Utilities: The homeowner provides basic water and waste water, cable TV, internet and local phone calls. Energy has to be paid by the renter. When checking in and out the meter will be read by our property management and the renter has to pay 15 ct/KWh for each KWh used. This amount and costs for the pool heater (gas consumption) will be recovered from the security deposit. Please conserve temperature when leaving the home daily.

13. Security Deposit Charges; Security deposits are due at the time of booking and shall be held for unpaid rent, energy costs, damage, excessive utility use, extra cleaning if needed (other than regular departure), or other services rendered by Susanne Piepel. If the security deposit is not sufficient to cover the necessary charges, Renter agrees to pay such difference to Susanne Piepel upon demand. As long as no further charges are incurred, the deposit will be returned within 30 days of departure.

14. Association Regulations: This Agreement is subject to approval requirements or any Property Association of which the Kings Lake is a member. If the Association does not accept Renter, this Agreement shall be cancelled and all rental monies shall be refunded. The Renter agrees to any Association regulations.

15. Cancellations: In the event that you must cancel your reservation, contact us immediately. If Susanne Piepel receives written notice at least 2 months before your arrival date the Renter has to pay only the down payment. No partial cancellations will be accepted. If Renter must cancel within the 2 month period the total balance for the booking period (excluding deposit and cleaning) has to be paid. We strongly recommend to cover your investment (in case you have to cancel your reservation) thru travel insurance. If Renter violates any of this Agreement’s condition, the Owner may terminate this Agreement and Renter shall vacate the residence immediately.

16. Residence Entry: House maintenance or its Assignees may enter residence during regular business hours 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday to Friday for management/repair of residence with one-day notice to Renter. In emergencies, house maintenance or Agent may enter at any time.

17. Other Regulations: Renter shall not sublet nor assign this agreement. Renter agrees to keep the number of people occupying the premises under the maximum number of persons stated in the Reservation Contract. Failure to comply with all these regulations may result in forfeiture of security deposit and/or additional fines levied by City of Naples or any Association.

18. Transfer of the property: If the Owner sells your vacation rental property, this Agreement is valid if the confirmed reservation dates end within 360 days of the sale. If the vacation rental ends after 360 days of the sale, the new Owner has no obligation to honor the terms of this agreement unless he agrees in writing to honor the agreement. If the Owner does not honor the Agreement, former Owner will work with Renter to find a suitable replacement vacation rental property, or the Renter is entitled to a full refund.

19. Pest Control: Our tropical environment and weather conditions can create inconveniences with bugs. Owners have Pest Control Service. Should you experience any issues, we can arrange for a service call, but no refunds would apply to rents.

20. Owners will not be responsible for any construction outside the perimeter of the property which may cause noise pollution or driving inconvenience. Hurricanes and inclement weather are always a possibility. In the event of a mandatory evacuation guests are to follow the instructions of authorities accordingly. Unfortunately we cannot control the weather or beach conditions, therefore no refunds can be given for bad weather or beach conditions.

21. Property owners, property manager and staff will not be held responsible for acts of theft, vandalism, or other loss or damages to guests/renters personal property or items left at the vacation property. Please double check for all your belongings before you leave the rental property. Property owners are not responsible for items that may have been left behind at the rental property.

22. Indemnification: Renter agrees to and does hereby indemnify and hold harmless the Owners, successors, property manager and staff and assigns from any and all claims, liability, and injury or death to person or persons upon the premises from any cause whatsoever. This full indemnification includes and is not limited to any and all suits, injury, costs, losses, thefts, actions, court costs, attorney fees, penalties and damages of any kind, however caused, (except willful gross negligence) and any expenses arising from or related thereto, from the Renter’s use and enjoyment of the premises. Renter acknowledges the dangers of allowing children unsupervised access to the pool area, and accepts all responsibility for said supervision of children while residing in the property. The pool is not deep enough for safe diving. Guest acknowledges this and agrees not to use pool for diving or accepts all responsibility for such actions. Renter warrants and represents that it is able and hereby assumes full responsibility for the care and safekeeping of all property brought into the premises and for any injury to persons or damage to property occurring as a result of Renter’s use of the rented property. Owners are not responsible for, and is hereby irrevocably released by you and all guests or visitors from liability for, and shall not be liable in respect of, loss or changes caused by acts of god, strikes, fire, flood, closure of airports, terrorism, weather conditions, war, riots, or any other event beyond its control, including any inconvenience caused by construction/building work in the local area.

23. Waiver of Terms: No waivers or any breach of any of the terms of this Agreement shall be waived. All waivers shall be in writing.

24. Entire Agreement: This agreement contains the agreement of the parties. It may not be changed orally but only by and agreement in writing signed by the party against who enforcement of any waiver, change, modification, extension or discharge is sought.

25. Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed and enforced according to the laws of the State of Florida.

We are a family from Düsseldorf, Germany and we have learned over the years to appreciate and love Florida, the USA and in particular the city of Naples. It is important to us that our villa remains at a very high level combined with cosiness, cleanliness and comfort. Therefore, we pay much attention to this point. We wish our guests to feel at home here, to appreciate this exclusive level and, of course, to preserve it. This is why the pleasure of letting and the satisfaction of our guests has a clear priority over an optimization of the occupancy of the house.

Yours Susanne Piepel, Düsseldorf, Germany

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